Welcome Daan, our new intern

Welcome Daan, our new intern

Welcome to ILCA, Daan Jellema!

Daan will be joining our team as an intern for the coming months. For his master thesis in Science, Business & Innovation he will research the chemistry innovation ecosystem in and around Amsterdam. As part of our strategy to promote an innovative and interconnected community of professionals, a better understanding of the forces in place and the players involved is crucial for the success of ILCA. Daan will conduct research with surveys and structured interviews to the most prominent members of our network. His goal is to rationalize the processes behind the value creation promoted by collaborations and partnerships within our community and beyond.

“I’m really excited to be joining the ILCA team and get some experience in the field. I hope to learn about the different actors in the field of chemistry. Especially the manner in which they collaborate to innovate is interesting tome. Being able to understand how this happens will in turn allow us to better connect companies in the future.”

What stands out from Daan’s experience is that he is currently following a second master degree in chemistry. This scientific background, his understanding of business, and his positive attitude, made him a great fit for this project. His spontaneity and enthusiasm brought a great addition to our team.

Welcome on board, Daan!

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