Goodbye ILCA, welcome Amsterdam Chemistry Network

Goodbye ILCA, welcome Amsterdam Chemistry Network

Spring is upon us, the time of new beginnings, when nature dresses with a new look. Hereat ILCA, we have been busy trying to meet this natural deadline. In less than a week, ILCA will become the Amsterdam Chemistry Network. Yes you heard correctly: we re-branded ourselves. While the ILCA brand has enabled us to exceed our expectations, we have also accepted that an improvement was in order. At ILCA… oops, at the Amsterdam Chemistry Network, we felt the time was right for a strong brand emphasizing the sustainable chemistry and chemistry for life sciences of the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

This brand update is more specific to the natural impact of our organization, as well as to our long standing commitment to promote innovation and sustainability. We want to be the reference point of entry for anyone looking to collaborate in research, start a partnership or access the excellent and available talent pool. In short, to strengthen the network by connecting the right dots!


“We already are an active network organization, and we missed the word 'Network' in our name. Based on a poll among the board members and ILCA colleagues, Amsterdam Chemistry Network became the winner”. Head of strategy and partnerships, Monalisa Goswami is "very happy with this winner because ACN is short and catchy and immediately gives the right idea of ​​who we are and what we can do for our members."


Director Willem Fokkema further explains: ''Of course there are different ways to participate in our network. Companies (large businesses, SMEs or start-ups) and other organizations such as knowledge institutes can choose between Gold, Bronze and Silver memberships. In addition, we also offer individuals the opportunity to become part of our network through an attractive Personal membership option. In the coming years, the ACN team with Marco Tibaldi will give the chemistry cluster in the MRA a platform to strengthen collaborations and get the most out of this growing network for our members. We are really looking forward to it!"


Our public launch will be on March 25th, during the Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day(ACID). Subscribe and don’t miss the party. This is a birthday, after all! Stop by and let us know how we can help you.

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