Chem Together #1 is a wrap!

Chem Together #1 is a wrap!

It's time to wrap up another Chem Together!

This online edition allowed us to interest a large group of people, all intrigued by Sustainable Chemistry and Innovation. We had almost 40 people attending: students, researchers, entrepreneurs and other professionals; all following with interest the presentations offered by Ann-Sophie Farle and Soraya Sluijter.

Ann-Sophie is a material scientist who worked for the European Space Agency before joining the team of Skytree, one of the top 5 startups leading the cleantech effort in the NL. Soraya is a chemist and team leader at TNO, where they are developing a transportable pilot demonstrator to produce DME from CO2 and (green) hydrogen, a big step towards the scaling-up of industrial CO2 conversion.

We also had the opportunity to work in smaller groups on "hot topics" for our society. It was amazing to hear what a healthy discussion among smart people, with a little dose of creativity, could produce. For example, the challenges of using bigdata were represented as the process of looking after a tree with many leaves. The "greenwashing" problem aroused passion, and some practical solutions were suggested. But also how specialized and interdisciplinary backgrounds of your employees can make your company flourish.

A big thank you to our speakers and our team! And to ChemistryNL for the support.