Highlight: Chem Together '21 #2

Highlight: Chem Together '21 #2

What an inspiring afternoon, at our Chem Together! During our last networking event we had the pleasure to hear different stories of success: LUMICKS and incircular. The two amazing speakers, Andrea Candelli and Tom Grossmann, explained the story of the companies they founded, starting from an academic background and jumping into the business world right away. How? The secret ingredient is... Innovation!

After the contributions of our speakers, everybody has been involved in a speed date networking activity. In three rounds of 5 minutes each, everyone had the opportunity to exchange a few words with a person they did not know before the event. Just as simple as that, and you could bring home at least three new connections. Have you been that lucky to meet a future partner for your projects?

Many thanks to all the people involved in the organization, to the terrific guests and to the fantastic audience. The final borrel worked out pretty well and we could not be happier about that! Do not miss the gallery below to get a taste of the event itself.

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