Event highlight: Chem Together '21 #1

Event highlight: Chem Together '21 #1

Our signature event Chem Together was organised on the 15th of June. It was an online event and was attended by almost 40 professionals. The programme started with an update from our interim manager Dr. Monalisa Goswami where she informed the audience about the new mandate that ILCA has adopted.

ILCA goals announced:

  1. Founded in 2014, ILCA’s role has always been to create direct connections between knowledge institutes, start-ups, scale-ups, and large industry across the entire technology readiness level (TRL) ladder. ILCA has been doing so by acting as a network and platform organization. Our core strength has been to provide a seamless connection between Industry and Knowledge Centres. This we will continue to do.
  2. To become the trusted brand and face for chemistry in the Metropolitan region of Amsterdam.
  3. Solidify the role of Chemistry in the ambitious circular economy goals of the city of Amsterdam. Chemistry is an enabler, like no other, when it comes to realizing an economically feasible circular economy.

She stressed that the he success of ILCA will be ultimately determined by the success with which the chemical industry in MRA is able to invent/ innovate and adopt circular chemistry solutions. ILCA’s approach there is holistic. ILCA will continue to deploy resources in the coming years to connect knowledge institutes to problem owners, liaise with regional policy makers and governmental organizations, as well as address the social & behavioral factors at play in a circular economy.

Three speakers

  1. The first talk was presented from COAST by Henrik van de Ven. Together with his colleague they talked about opportunities for Circular economy at their analytical chemistry consortium COAST.
  2. It was followed by a talk by Hendrik Dathe, director of research services at Avantium. Hendrik's talk was about the high-throughput catalyst testing services that accelerate R&D for several industries. He also emphasized on the shift that they see in the types of requests they receive from their clients. There's clearly more demand from bio-based and renewables industry.
  3. The final talk was by Leon van Bossum, commercial director Nordsol. Leon's talk was about how Nordsol bridges the gap between waste management companies and the transport fuel industry by separating the bioLNG stream. He shared the update of a new installation that will soon be operational at the Port of Amsterdam and produce bioLNG for trucks.

We are glad that the event attracted so much participation, and connections were made. We wait for you to the next Chem Together!

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