Chem Together #2: highlights and photo gallery

Chem Together #2: highlights and photo gallery

The 2nd edition of Chem Together 2022 is over: let's sum it up.

ACN is deeply rooted at the Matrix Innovation Centers, and this edition was a great occasion to make the Chemistry & LS community here more solid, but also to connect these professionals with researchers and companies from the "outside world". The common ground is always the same: Sustainable Chemistry and Innovation. We had around 30 people attending: students, researchers, entrepreneurs and other professionals; all following with interest the presentations offered by Sander van Loon, Anne Berends and MYCB1 Group B.V.

Sander with his VLCI presented his robot for formulation Chemistry, which allow him and his clients to test an incredible number of formulations, with different ingredients, in different concentrations. This technology was the starting point for the app they recently launched, containing an immense database of Hansen solubility parameters with which customers can predict and improve the formulation of their products.

Anne presented the findings from the research conducted at Seaborough - Life Science program. With their new technology SunLED, they want to give a new purpose to indoor lighting: human well-being. Studying the influence of the near-infrared part of the solar spectrum, absent in artificial light, on human health, they collected evidence of the benefits their technology can produce (significant reduction of resting heart rate and boost of the immune system of users).

MYCB1 Group B.V. , finally, invited all the audience to the world premiere of the documentary they produced in the past years, about the incredible story of dr. Franjo Grotenhermen.

A big thank you to our speakers and our team! And of course to ChemistryNL and Matrix for the support. If you want to have follow-up meetings, we can arrange connections for projects and partnerships. Do not hesitate contacting us!

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