ILCA meets the Port of Amsterdam

ILCA meets the Port of Amsterdam

During the past week, our ILCA manager Marco Tibaldi, supported by Ana Lužaić from Spark904, visited the Port of Amsterdam. We had the occasion to discuss and engage with representatives of the Port, Roon van Maanen and Marcel Gorris.

The area of the Port is recently undergoing a real transformation, that we could observe with our eyes. Here the energy transition is actually happening, with businesses that want to replace fossil fuels industry, still prevalent, with sustainable alternatives. The port puts in place spaces, infrastructures and even financial support for these companies.

Recycling, waste valorization, biobased fuels and products are all involved in the long term transformation of the port business. During our tour, we could appreciate some examples at Prodock Amsterdam, and learn more about the projects of future spaces dedicated to circular economy (e.g. a BioPark here in Amsterdam).

If your startup is dreaming of a greener future, and is looking for support for their scale up process, you could be interested in connecting with u: the perfect place to grow your business might be right behind the corner, here in Amsterdam.

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