Chem Together #18: Unlocking AI-engineered medicines

Chem Together #18: Unlocking AI-engineered medicines

On the 2nd of May 2024, we hosted the 18th edition of Chem Together, this being the second edition dedicated to Life Sciences, in Amsterdam Science Park Matrix SEVEN

We were fortunate to receive first hand insights from industry experts, and our house was full of a thrilling audience, boosting the discussion from a scientific and business perspective. In a sunny day in Amsterdam, thirty-four bright minds, a dynamic convergence of research institutes, pharma and biotech industry, hospitals, funding bodies professionals from across the Netherlands, spend a couple of hours to discuss AI-vaccine engineering and implementation.


Dr. Jarek Juraszek (Director Discovery Data Science at Avidicure / ex-Principal Scientist at Janssen) demonstrated his optimization of ML models for generating protein mutations, surpassing prior methodologies, when working on viral spikes as immunogens. Even within traditionally cautious domains like vaccine engineering are adopting AI models to push vaccine development further. It actually supported the development of new immunogens by his team in his previous role as Principal Scientist at the Janssen Pharmaceutical. Dr. Juraszek will have his work published in a scientific paper soon.

After the in-depth molecular discussion, Volodimir Olexiouk (Team Lead AI and Advanced Analytics at BioLizard) shed light on the challenges faced by biotech and pharma ineffectively implementing and managing expectations regarding AI models. While the cost efficiency of optimizing candidate lead compounds is undeniable, it still requires a human touch. Olexiouk guided us through various aspects of technology implementation, data strategies, fostering an AI mindset within biotech and pharma sectors, addressing misconceptions, assessing the investment versus output of drugs in clinical trials, and navigating the pathway to success.



At ACN, we are thrilled to sense the expansion of our life sciences network and are delighted by the active participation of pre-clinical pharma, biotech, and hospitals in pioneering projects such as adoption of AI in molecular engineering within their development pipelines.

ACN's team extends gratitude to our esteemed speakers for their insightful presentations, as well as to our exceptionally qualified audience for their active participation and engagement throughout the event, and to Matrix IC for housing us. Your contributions have made this gathering a resounding success, enriching our knowledge and fostering meaningful connection within the field of life sciences.


Thank you to Chemistry NL and all the ACN members for powering this event. Enjoy a gallery of pictures below.

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