A story of success: Caffe Inc. looking for professionals and facilities

A story of success: Caffe Inc. looking for professionals and facilities

Coffee, the fuel that keeps us running. In the Netherlands alone, a staggering 250.000 tons of coffee waste, known as 'koffiedik,' is generated each year. Caffe Inc., a young company based in Amsterdam, developed a groundbreaking process that extracts high-quality oils from the coffee grounds. They offer 100% circular and natural ingredients for various products such as facial creams and shampoos. They also provide a sustainable building material called 'coffee blocks' to the bio-based construction industry.

Aftersecuring funding for 4 million, Caffe Inc. started working zealously on itsfirst factory. In today's fiercely competitive business landscape, startupsoften face numerous challenges as they strive to establish their presence andgrow rapidly. This is where Amsterdam Chemistry Network stepped in to assist them with some of the hurdles, in particular through the critical stages of engaging an expert consultant, hiring a young professional, and currently facilitating their relocation within Amsterdam.

Evaluna Marquez (CSO Caffe Inc.) presenting at ACN Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day 2023

Engaging an Expert Consultant:

Caffe Inc. has just started its production when the first unexpected obstacles arose. A very specific problem required the right skills in Food Processing Technology. ACN leveraged its extensive network to identify and connect them with a food engineer with a wealth of experience in the food industry. The professional paid a visit to the Caffe Inc. plant; the meeting translated into a long-term, crucial partnership for the company. We empowered Caffe Inc. to tap into invaluable expertise, enabling them to make strategic decisions and accelerate their growth trajectory.

Caffe Inc. joined the ACN career fair in March 2023

Hiring a Young Professional:

Caffe Inc. was in need of fresh talent and innovative thinking: ACN connected its team with a pool of exceptional young professionals. Through targeted networking events, the ACN career fair, and the advertising of their opening on our channels, we enabled the company to identify and recruit a talented student. The newly hired professional is about to obtain his MSc in analytical chemistry at UvA and will inject energy, creativity, and a fresh perspective into Caffe Inc.’s R&D projects.

Facilitating Relocation within Amsterdam:

ACN is currently supporting Caffe Inc. in its relocation ambition. The company strongly wants to thrive in Amsterdam's vibrant business ecosystem, and its team is currently looking for a place where to re-install its pilot plant and have access to office and lab. We are assisting the startup in finding a suitable facility in Amsterdam that aligned with their specific needs, to ensure a smooth continuation of operations.

The ACN community meets up regularly at networking events.


We provided and will be providing CaffeInc. with the necessary human capital and expertise to drive growth. Through our steadfast commitment to supporting its community members, ACN has played a significant role in the recent success story of Caffe Inc. We take immense pride in the role our networking organization played in catalyzing their success. We remain committed to nurturing and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs, enabling them to realize their ambitions, and fueling the growth of dynamic and innovative businesses.

Meet Caffe Inc.:

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