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Argent Energy

Argent Energy is a European waste-based biodiesel producer with a vision to help decarbonize transport worldwide. With more than 200 employees, the company is consistently investing to innovate products, technologies and operational excellence. Argent Energy is expanding the production plant in Amsterdam, to reach a total of 540,000 tons of biodiesel capacity per year, only from this location.

Mr. Erik Rietkerk
CEO Argent Energy

ChemistryNL is the name of the Top Sector Chemistry and operates according to the innovation policy of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. This organization works together with businesses, research institutes and government to promote knowledge and innovations. They finance Public-Private Partnerships, offer support to startups and help talent development in the Chemistry sector.

Dr. Vera Meester
Secretary executive office
Matrix Innovation Center

The Matrix Innovation Centers are multi-tenants buildings with state-of-the-art office facilities and laboratories, located at the heart of Amsterdam Science Park. Matrix IC is home of 85 companies, of which more than 50% have their business rooted in Chemistry, Biotech and Life Sciences.

Mr. Ivo sweep
Matrix IC Managing Director
Port of Amsterdam

The Port of Amsterdam is the 4th biggest port of Europe, home of several big chemical companies: for example, it is one of the largest biorefinery clusters in Europe. The Port wants to play a leading role in the energy transition of the region. To do so, it reserves space, invest in infrastructures and initiate joint projects to support circular and sustainable businesses.

Mr. Roon van Maanen
Head of Energy & Circular Industry
University of Amsterdam (UvA)

The University of Amsterdam, with ~40 000 students, is steadily ranked among the best 100 universities in the world and best 10 in Europe. The department of Chemistry (HIMS) houses roughly 200 researchers producing 200 publications, 20 PhD theses and 4 patents on an annual average. One of the four priority areas of research is Chemistry for Sustainability, next to Complex Systems and Materials, and Biomolecular Systems.

Prof. dr. Joost Reek
Chair of Supramolecular Catalysis
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU)

With ~30 000 students, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is the second largest university of Amsterdam. The VU Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences department has 105 FTE of researchers, attracting ~8.2 M €/y funding. The department boasts cutting-edge equipment, strong collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry, and great expertise in Drug Discovery and Development, Theoretical Chemistry and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

Prof. dr. Tom Grossmann
Chair of Biominetic Chemistry
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Seaborough is a R&D company that develops and commercializes innovations in LED technology. The company introduced the TLED technology that can replace fluorescent tubes, and it is currently researching and developing new materials for the LED lighting market. Seaborough’s team includes technicians, physicists, and chemical engineers who are working in one of Europe's best-equipped and most modern LED testing facilities.


Using the tools of physics and design principles, AMOLF researchers study complex matter, such as light at the nanoscale, living matter, designer matter and nanoscale solar cells. These insights open up opportunities to create new functional materials and to find solutions to societal challenges.

Lite Members
Caffe Inc

Caffe Inc. recovers beautiful resources from coffee by-products, such as spent coffee grounds, which fit the conscious lifestyle.

Open Kitchen Labs

Open Kitchen Labs is a shared and fully facilitated lab space for start-ups in sustainability and biotechnology. With a gym-like subscription model we unburden start-ups of the logistics and up-front investments for lab infrastructure.

Oxford Global Resources

Oxford Global Resources delivers tailored solutions for any technical challenges you face using our partnership-first approach. We specialize in workforce mobilization, digital transformation, and modern enterprise. We are committed to providing you with The Right Talent. Right Now.


Spark904 is a technical consultancy firm that helps its clients assess and develop technologies that are more circular and sustainable. We perform analyses, provide advise and perform research, development and innovation work for our customers, both in the public and private sector.

"The University of Amsterdam wants to address societal challenges and also make sure society benefits from research results, that‘s why we have so many collaborations with companies and organisations. Collaborations start with knowing each other: the Amsterdam Chemistry Network (ACN) is a good way of meeting both university researchers and (chemical) companies in the Amsterdam region."

Peter J.T. van der Donk
University of Amsterdam - Faculty of Science

"At ACN we promote a collaborative and innovative environment fostered by networking. Scientific expertise and entrepreneurial spirit are combined to drive transformative solutions in chemistry and life sciences in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam"

Dr. Lays da Cruz
Business Developer in Chemistry for Life Sciences

"We believe that active clustering of the chemical industry and research will attract more innovative companies, regional funds, foreign investments, and international talent to the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam."

Willem Fokkema
Director, ACN