Seaborough B.V. will join the Amsterdam Chemistry Network as a Bronze member, assuming an essential role in the platform of chemical businesses and academia of the Amsterdam region. Seaborough is a lighting technology company with their roots in electronics design as well as chemistry research and innovation; founded in Zeeburg and raised in the Amsterdam Science Park: it is a perfect candidate to join ACN.

Seaborough’s mission

Seaborough, founded in 2013, has been working since then on developing impactful and groundbreaking lighting technologies. Their mission is to “give light purpose” by improving current state-of-the-art LED solutions. With their innovations, they aim to make a positive impact on the world, offering LEDs with lower energy consumption, free of hazardous compounds, and even with a positive effect on human health. 

Seaborough labs are based in the Matrix Innovation Centers, at the heart of Amsterdam Science Park.

In Seaborough’s labs chemists, physicists, and electronic engineers work together towards the next generation of LED products. An impressive example is their oneTLed solution, developed to replace mercury-containing fluorescent tubes with harmless, cost- and energy-saving retrofit LED tubes. Another example is the energy-efficient EuroLED technology, a phosphor solution that provides +20% higher efficiency for high-colour-quality warm white LEDs. In addition, this technology eliminates the current trade-off between energy efficiency and colour quality, thereby further accelerating the transition to LEDs. 

ACN and Seaborough  

Dr Anne Berends: Program Director Life Science at Seaborough

One of the goals of the Amsterdam Chemistry Network is to showcase the excellence in Amsterdam. In line with this goal, the Seaborough Program Director, dr. Anne Berends was our guest speaker at Chem Together in 2022. She explained how, by using invisible near-infrared light, they develop lighting solutions with positive effects on both the physical and mental health of people who spend lots of time indoors. During our recurring meet-up, Anne Berends presented the work of her team to an audience of business developers, university researchers and students. For Seaborough, it was the first occasion to get in touch with the Functional Materials group of the University of Amsterdam. Hopefully, a new collaboration will start soon.

With a strategy of mostly long-term research and development projects, Seaborough participates in ACN aiming for new partners and stamina to develop new ideas and collaborations with research institutes, but also partners to facilitate new market entries.

"We have been at the Science Park now for almost 4 years with all its beautiful facilities and research groups, but have not been able to make any new connections here so far. We are very excited to see that Amsterdam Chemistry Network is now stepping up as connecting organization that we have been missing so far to obtain new knowledge or to form public funding consortia!” said Dr Marie Anne van de Haar, Program Director Materials.

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