ACID 2023 - Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day

ACID 2023 - Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day

We are excited to announce that the upcoming Amsterdam Chemistry Innovation Day (ACID) will take place on March 17th at Amsterdam Science Park 904. This premier annual gathering brings together leading experts in the field of chemistry to discuss the latest innovations and future trends.

In the morning (9.00-12.00), we will be hosting a Career Fair specifically for students with a background in chemistry or life sciences, providing a unique opportunity for them to connect with industry and business professionals.

In the afternoon (13.00-19.00), we have an esteemed line-up of speakers and panel discussions featuring industry leaders and professors. This is an excellent opportunity to hear from experts in the field and network with your peers.

ACID attracts every year a diverse crowd of experts from industry and businesses as well as professors and researchers. Join ACID and meet your colleagues and peers with a shared  interest in the field of Chemistry.

Registration is free of Charge.


12:00 - Registratio and Lunch (Poster Session)

13:00 - Welcome by Froukje Jansen

13:10 - Opening by Prof. Dr. Wim Noorduin - Self Organizing Matter Group Leader at AMOLF

13:40 - Marcel Galjee - Managing Director HyCC

14:10 - Coffee Break (Poster Session)

15:00 - Frist Round Parallel Sessions:

1A - "Dream and reality in the Energy Transition”

- Prof. Dr. Gadi Rothenberg - Moderator

- Prof. Dr. Ir Richard van de Sanden - Scientific Director Eindhoven Institute for Renewale Energy System )EIRES) & Grpup Leader Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER)

- Marcel Galjee - Managing Director HyCC

- Erik Rietkerk - CEO Argent Energy

1B - Innovation in biocatalysis and drugs discovery

- Dr. Tom Grossmann - Host

- Dr. Ivana Drienovska - Assisante Professor at Department of Chemistry and Phamaceutical Science at VU Amsterdam

- Dr. Johan Veerman - Head of Chemistry at ZoBio

16:00 - Second Round Parallel Session:

2A - “Closing the N and P cycles: towards a circular production and use of fertilizers”

- Marco Tibaldi - Moderator

- Dr. Marissa de Boer - CEO & Founder at SusPhos

- Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim de Vries - Professor at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group of Wageningen University & Research

- Michiel Verspuij - Site Manager at ICL Fertilizers Europe C.V.

- Yasmina Lembachar - Sustainable Food System Specialist at Circle Economy

2B - “Matchmaking education, research and business needs to accelerate chemistry innovation”


17:10 - Closing Ceremony by Froukje Jansen

17:30 - Dinner and Networking

Download the program here.

Date: Friday, 17th March 2023


- Career Fair: 9:00-12:00

- Conference: 12:00-18:00

Venue: Matrix ONE - Science Park 301 - 1098XH Amsterdam

Language: English